Problems with these things can happen in your eyes !

Eyes is one of the most important organs for our body which is called the Knowledge Sense because we feel by touching and listening to all the things that we get to know about the environment around us, and sometimes in the eyes, the infection, water Complaining about coming and coming of swelling and due to irritation and redness, our daily life is affected by this because then we can not do any work smoothly, then move on A talk about some common eyes problem and about their solution.

Problems with these things can happen in your eyes !
Problems with these things can happen in your eyes !
  • eyes problem solution 

Our eyes are really very sensitive and in such a way, save them as much as possible from the sunlight and heat, and if you have to go to the sun, then you can use sunglasses because of bright light and especially due to sunlight. There is a great effect on our eyes.

  • Take special care of cleanliness and try not to touch the eyes.
  • If you use contact lenses then change the solution used and use the contact lens as per the doctor's advice.
  • Soak rui in the rose water and keep it on the eyes so that the eyes get a lot of relief.
  • If there is no infection in the eyes, stay in a well-clean environment and take a healthy diet.
  • Sleep well and plenty so that your eyes can get complete rest.
  • Common eyes problem is actually due to our own negligence, so keep care as much as possible and care for your eyes.
  • Wearing a helmet on the bike while wearing
  • Make a better and healthy breakfast.
  • Drink water as soon as possible and click here to know about water health benefits. The water keeps the moisture of your eyes and in this way the more water you drink, the moisture content of your eyes will remain as regular as it is.
  • Consume green leafy vegetables, this improves the vision of your eyes.
  • Smoking is not good for your health as well as health, so call it too bye.
  • By improving your lifestyle, you can also take care of your eyes as well as your eyes.

Brain infection does not occur with water network

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned about the compound action water network. He has cautioned the people that in this case, they do not damage the benefits and they will not become victims of any serious infections, and even brain infection. Significantly, in recent years

Just like yoga in the US and Europe countries, the popularity of Jal Nityi has also increased and water has become a permanent part of the Nitya Patra (pot) houses there. Water Neti is considered to be a wonderful compound remedy for cyanitis, cold-cold, allergic treatment and nasal tract (Najal track). It is believed that due to its regular practice the mind remains calm and its capacity is increased.

  • What is water neti

Water is an action of Nitya Yoga. This is one of the accomplished actions of yoga. Under this, for cleaning the Najal track, a hole of nose is inserted into the water with light salt and it is taken out from the second hole. A special character is used to enter water into the nose, which is called Neti Kid.

  • What is the matter

The FDA has objection to this vessel and the water to be filled in it. He says that if the cleanliness of the Neti character is ignored, then the person using it can become a victim of severe infection. He says that in this character, all types of bacteria, protozoa and amoeba can easily settle down in their home. Along with this, the FDA has also told the need to pay attention to the water quality being used for the water network.

He says that if there is any type of bacteria in water and Neti pot, then they can create their whereabouts in the natural track and cause serious infections. This can cause fever, bleeding from the nose, and headache. According to the FDA, the use of contaminated water for the water body has resulted in two people died from brain infection in Louisiana in the US. It was found in the investigation that these people had used tap water for water supply, in which there was a bacterium named Nagalia Follery.

  • What to do

- Know how to do water management, know it properly.
- Water Neti's character should be clean and dry.
- Boil it properly in hot water to free the bacteria.
- Make the water pure by cleaning hands properly.
- Keep in mind that the water used for water management is clean and infection free.
- If possible, instead of conventional characters, use such scientific pots, which have a bulb syringe or are in the form of a squeeze bottle or they are powered by battery powered pulse water devices.

Easy Tips to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

Swelling (underwear bag) under the eyes is primarily due to the accumulation of fluid and fat. There are many more reasons for this, although they can be treated with the help of some simple tips.

  • Under-eye bag

Under-eye bags, which means swelling under the eyes, not only spoils the eyes, but also causes damage to the eyes. There may be several reasons for having underwear bags. These are filled with tiredness and tension due to your under-eye bags. It also indicates stress and fatigue. Although this problem can be relieved, provided these tips should be adopted.

  • What are the reasons

Swelling under the eyes is primarily due to the accumulation of fluid and fat. Occasionally, due to aging, swelling occurs under the eyes. In some people this problem may also be hereditary. There may be many other reasons for stress, unauthorized eating, sleep deprivation and so on.

  • Drink plenty of water

Water retention is also a major cause of under-eye pneumonia, which indicates that the digestive system does not reach as much water as needed. Actually when the body starts decreasing with water, then the body starts accumulating the water as a defense mechanism, which causes Pfeifenes under the eyes. So drink plenty of water in the day and remove the problem.

  • Green Tea Bags

Keeping the Chamomile or Green Tea Bags on the Eyes Benefits under the Under Eye Puffness. Dip  tea bags in cold water and keep them on the eyes closed. If the tea leaves are open, then wrap them in fine cloth and dip them in cold water and keep them for 15 minutes on the eyes. The tannin, caffeine and coolness present in tea are less prone to swelling and also dark circles, they also decrease.

  • Potato or cucumber

Along with applying potatoes and cucumbers, there is less pulmonary insulation under the eyes. For this, thinly sliced ​​potatoes or cucumbers or cucumbers and then keep them on the eyes. Apart from this, it is also effective to add potato and cucumber juice in equal quantity. Cucumber's anti-inflammation properties help naturally reduce under-eye reflux.

  • Take full sleep and exercise

This is due to the lack of sleep and continuous labor, thus it swollen under the eyes. Eye inflammation can also be caused by urine infections. Lymph is the main reason for swelling. For this you should exercise some eye exercises regularly and sleep for at least eight hours. Massage and exercise increase blood circulation and lymph from the blood vessel is exposed properly.

  • Vitamin E oil or cold spoons

Massage massage around the eyes while sleeping at night on Vitamin E oil to remove the problem of eye bags. In addition, put the spoon of steel in the fridge and cool it completely and make one part of the eye-swelling area one by one. There is a lot of benefit from this.

  • Milk

If you are worried about the problem of under-eye bags, then the milk placed in your fridge can help you a lot. Just soak the cotton pad in cold cloth and place it in the place of i bags and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes. It has water retention and eyes get cold.

  • Egg white (white egg white)

Remove the white part of the egg and place it on the under eye bag with the help of a soft brush. This makes the skin of your eyes swollen and tightly spaced. Apply egg white and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Eyes all Problem, symptoms !

Eye Problems and Conditions
There are many problems in the eyes. Eye diseases can happen to anyone at any age. Some common diseases of the eyes are-

After this disease of the eye, you can not see near things or you can not read the small letters. It is a common disease that can happen to anyone after forty. After applying glass, the ability of the eye to recover is cured.

Eyes of the eye are visible in the sun or in the room even after light, there are small spots in front of the eyes. This is a common disease, but sometimes it becomes too serious. Especially when the light shines brightly in front of your eyes This is due to the replacement of the retina.

Dry Eyes
The eyes then dry when the tear in the eyes of the eyes becomes less tear or becomes closed in the tears. After drying, lot of trouble light.

More water than eyes or tears
Sometimes our eyes become more sensitized to light-air and weather changes, and tears begin to flow in excess of our eyes. It is due to allergic and cold. Eyes in the eyes also cause more water than eyes.

Eye lens helps focus on various distant objects. Over time, the lens loses its transparency. The glare of the lens is called cataract. Due to not reaching the eyes to the lens of the eyes, the retina does not allow vision to become visible in the eyes and the result is that we reach the blindness. Cataract usually occurs in people over the age of 55, but young people are now getting affected. It is the only treatment for surgery to apply lenses in the eyes.

Glaucoma is also called black glaucoma. The cornea is the nourishing fluid behind the eyes, which determines how much pressure is placed in the inner part of the eye. When glaucoma occurs then the pressure of this fluid increases in our eyes. This eliminates the optic nerves of the eyes and eliminates the ability of eyes to see.

Retinal disorders
Retinal eyes are thin-thin lines that are made up of cells. When the light passes through the eyes, the retina transforms it into electrical momentum and sends the picture to the brain's neuron. Eye retention ability decreases after retinal disturbances. In diabetes or after aging, the retina becomes weak.

This is a type of eye infection. It is called conjunctivitis due to viral infection or allergic reactions to the eyes. There is a burning sensation and prick in the eyes. Eyes get plenty of water from the eyes.

Better diet is necessary for the better health of the eye so that the eyesight remains intact. To protect the eyes with it, glasses are equally important. Meditation and smoking are the biggest enemies of the eye.

good food
Your diet should contain all the things that keep the eyes light forever. Your diet should have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, protein zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E. It is possible to reduce eye disease due to its intake. Green vegetables, greens, eggs and fruit juices are beneficial for eye health.

Ask Addiction Bye-Bye

Smoking and drug addiction are more likely to cataracts. Drug addiction is also one of the major causes of eye-catching optic nerves in glaucoma. If you want to keep eyesight retained, it will be beneficial to give up your addiction.

Apply sunglasses
A perfect sunglasses protects your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays of the sun not only damage your skin but also damage the eyes. There is a risk of cataract due to direct sun ray on the eyes and Vision is complaining of staining.

Try making a short distance from the computer and TV screen
By sitting on a computer screen for long periods of eyes, the disease of your eyes will soon start bothering you. Many problems like pain in eyes, blurring, difficulties in seeing distant things, drying eyes, will trouble you.

Try these tips to protect the eyes (Taking the steps to protect your eyes)
To work on the computer, make eyeglasses in consultation with the eye doctor.
Positioning the monitor of the computer so that there is less pressure on your eyes.
Work on putting the anti glare screen on the computer.
If you do work while feeling that the water in the eye is drying then take a 20-minute break and go out in the greenery.
Walking down the grass and dew is very beneficial for early morning eye health.
Keep doing regular checks for eyes.

Waterborne Diseases and Health !

There is also the saying, "Water is life." Without water, human life can not be imagined. Humans are engaged in exploring water from the moon to the surface of Mars, so that they can be searched for the possibilities of life, but do we understand the real value of water living on earth?

According to the 2011 census, the national cleanliness coverage is 46.9 percent, whereas in rural areas, the average is only 30.7 percent. Still, the country's total population of 62.2 million, i.e. the national average, 53.1 percent of the people are exposed to the open.

These statistics not only include rural but also urban areas. This is a major reason for water pollution. However, efforts are being made to solve this problem under the sanitation campaign by the government. In fact, water purification is also important because through it the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and glucose in the entire body are affected. If the body does not get clean water then how will the body be healthy?

Anyway a healthy person should take at least 12 glasses of pure water every day. Water purity is not necessary in many people's eyes. But this thought can prove to be dangerous for you and your family. The purity of water from the bath water to the drinking water matters. Where the impure water gets skin-related disorders. If you think of statistics, there are about 2100 toxic elements in drinking water. In such a situation, it is in this condition that it should be completely purified before using water, because there is caution in safety itself.

According to a report related to health, one child dies every five seconds with water related illness. Every year, more than 50 lakh people become unhealthy due to unhealthy drinking water, unclean home environment and diseases associated with improper disposal of excrement.

Nearly one billion people around the world are not getting clean water yet and more than two billion people do not have enough facilities for excreta disposal. In such a situation, the pure drinking water crisis is also a challenge. To cope with this challenge, all have to participate in their level.

According to a report submitted by the World Health Organization on a decade in 1992, 133.9 billion American dollars were invested on water and sanitation during the period 1981-1990, 55 percent of which was cleaned on water and 45 percent was sanitized. spent on. WHO estimates that on providing supply of water to the urban areas, the average cost per capita is US $ 105 and 50 US dollars in rural areas, while on average, the average urban US $ 145 in urban areas and 30 US dollars for rural areas It comes.

  • Quality of drinking water

If we talk about the quality of drinking water, it has been divided into two parts: one chemical, physical and another microbiologist. Heavy metals in chemical and physical parameters are to detect organic compounds, remove solid substances (TSS) and turbidity (turbidity), then in microbiology, specific bacterial species of coliform bacteria, e coli and bacteria eliminate viruses and protozoan parasites. is. If chemically, if the quantity of nitrate, nitrite and arsenic exceeds the fixed deadline, health is affected. Such toxic elements also affect our health through access to our body through water.

The major of these toxic elements are cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, silver, arsenic etc. Water, iron, manganese, calcium, barium, chromium, copper, cilium, uranium, boron, as well as excess of nitrate, sulphate, borate, carbonate etc. have adverse effects on human health. High intensities of magnesium and sulphate in water cause intestinal irritation. The excess of nitrate leads to the disease called methemoglobinemia in children. Metahimoglobinemia penetrates into the intestines, causing the stomach cancer by turning into nitrosoemine, there is a disease called fluorosis from Plurine. Similarly, the insecticides and fertilizers used in the agricultural sector pollute our water bodies.

  • Drinking water standard

According to the WHO, drinking water should be such that it is clean, soft, flavored and odorless. The pH value is between 7 and 8.5

Harmful substances present in water: mercury, copper, lead, cadmium, seninium, barium, nitrides, fluorides and sulphides.

Valid Status of Arsenic Level in Water: Indian Standards Bureau has considered 0.05 milligrams per liter suitable for human life, whereas WHO i.e., the World Health Organization has a maximum of 0.01 milligrams of arsenic in one liter per liter of drinking water to a degree Considered safe standards.

Dangers from Arsenic: If the amount of arsenic in water is dangerous, then there are incurable diseases like cancer, liver fibrosis, hyper pigmentation. According to a report of the Parliamentary Committee, in the last decade, more than one lakh people died in the face of arsenic-rich ground water.

Diseases related to waterborne diseases: Diseases such as endoscarsisitis, trypanosomasis and yellow fever are promoted.

  • Influence on future generation

Only talk about your own country, more than 20 per cent of children aged 14 years of age are either sick or killed due to unsafe water, insufficient hygiene or insufficient hygiene. Similarly, 90 percent of deaths due to diarrhea caused by lack of cleanliness are children under five years of age. According to the report of the year 2013-14, there were no separate toilets for girls in nearly 20 percent of primary schools in the country. However, the current government claims that there has been a provision of toilets in all the schools. But there is no information available on how many percent of these toilets are used. The most important thing is that the toilets in the schools are not properly operated and because of the mess they are in worse condition than the toilets in the open.

  • 13 lakh children die every year

13.6 lakh children die every year in India. In this, about two lakh children die due to diarrhea. However, infant mortality rate (IMR) in India and infant mortality rate below five years is continuously decreasing. According to WHO's 2012 statistics, 11% of deaths in infants under five years of age are due to diarrhea every year. Keeping an estimate in mind, clean drinking water and better sanitation should be provided, one child can be saved in every 20 seconds. Also, rapidly increasing infant mortality can be reduced.

  • Pathogenesis

1. Viruses: jaundice, polio, gastro-intitis, colds, smallpox.

2. Bacteria: Diarrhea, dysentery, premature fever, superfluous, cholera, cough cough, gonorrhea, syphilis, gastroenteritis, inflammation, convulsions, tuberculosis.

3. Protozoa: Pairia, dysentery, insomnia, malaria, amebiosis, gyne diarrhea, gyne diabetes.

4. Worm: Various types of worms in the filariasis, hydrated syst Disease and stomach, which have a bad effect on health.

  • Due to unavailability of drinking water

On the situation of India, on an average every year 33 million people are affected by waterborne diseases ie collar, polio, dysentery, typhoid and hepatitis with contaminated water, and about 1.5 million children die due to diarrhea alone. Apart from this, 6 million 60 million from diseases caused by fluoride and arsenic in water, such as fluorosis, 10 million in cancer and a large number of people are affected annually by skin diseases.

According to the National Family Health Survey 2005-06, almost half of the urban households supply pipes in the house. More than 80 percent of urban poor families are kept filled with tapes, handpumps or other sources which are mostly contaminated already. India comes in 120th position out of 122 countries in terms of quality of water. In order to provide drinking water, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation,

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Central Pollution Control Board, Municipal Body and National and International Development Institutes perform various roles. Even after this, it is a challenge to provide pure and standard water to the people.

  • Major remedies for purifying water

Water purification of water: To destroy the bacteria in water, prepare 2 slurry tablets (500 mg) in 15 liters or 3 grams of bleaching powder in every 1,000 liters of water and put it in half an hour after planting.

RO system: RO system has been used as a key area in the field of technology. RO system reduces the risk of getting bacteria in clean water. This is a high way to clean drinking water. Ro system cleaned water from 220 to 240 ppm to 25 ppm. It makes the water pure and sweeter free from dirt, dust, bacteria etc.

UV radiation system: The DNA of viruses and bacteria present in the water from the UV radiation system becomes disorganized. Also harmful bacteria also die. UV purifiers come in three-four purification steps, which are sediment filters, which are the pre-filter process and the active carbon cartridge. It excludes moss, organic particles, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses and heavy elements from water.

Boiling water: There are many ways to make the water clean and potable, but boiling it is the oldest way to clean water. Millions of people adopt this traditional way around the world. To make the water completely clean and disinfect, boil it at least 20 minutes and keep it in a clean container, whose mouth is narrower so that there is no dirt in it. Boiled water is considered to be the best.

Candle water filter: Another way to clean water is to use candle water filter. There is a need to change the candle from time to time, so that water can be better cleaned.

Multistage purification: Multistage purification is a better way to clean water. The water is clean in many phases. The first pre-filter purification occurs, after which activated carbon purification is done, then the water is removed from the harmful bacteria and at the end it is better to maintain the quality of water.

Chlorination: Water can also be cleaned through chlorination. This process is being adopted in various cities and government undertakings during the water supply. As the water purifies, its color and aroma also change. It prevents harmful bacteria present in the water.

Halogen tablet: Hazelon tablet is useful to clean water in casual conditions. How much of it should be put into the water, it depends on the quantity of water and the brand of haljon tablet. These pills are completely soluble in water.

  • Water crisis in the future

Increasing population is the cause of pollution, there are no two opinions in it. In the coming time, the problem of drinking water will increase as per the demand of increasing population. At the same time, water will be stopped on one side of the dams and will give birth to problems like Tehri, then the displacement of large population will affect entire ecosystem itself. Due to water accumulation in a particular area, there will be many waterborne diseases. It will also be a challenge to deal with all diseases caused by waterlogging.

  • The path of the future

To save the future, it will have to be ready now. All types of pollution are connected to each other. In this case, keeping in view the future, whatever tomorrow-factories are established in future, they should be away from the population. The contaminated water released from these tomorrow-factories must be destroyed very well before getting into our water bodies, rivers, streams, ponds.

Everyone needs to come forward to avoid water pollution: There is no pollution in the water, there is a community level solution for this. Do not allow pollution of water near the hand pump. Put bleaching powder regularly in open well water. Keep cleanliness around the water tank

These are common symptoms of brain attacks, FAST and save !

Due to the disruption of blood circulation, the functioning of the brain causes a stroke due to erosion. This is due to either obstruction of ischemia (deficiency in blood circulation) or hemorrhage (bleeding). Although the common man does not know about the stroke, what are the effects of it, what should it be done instantly and how does the treatment of stroke patients be known.

 For the smooth process of brain cells, it is necessary to reach the oxygen and other nutrients continuously through the blood.In any part of the brain there is a stroke (brain attack) due to the supply of blood disrupted or severely reduced. Due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues of the brain due to the stroke, brain cells begin to die in a few minutes. Upon proper treatment as soon as possible, the brain damage and potential complications can be reduced.

  • Identify such

Trouble speaking and understanding There may be stutter in the voice or it can be difficult to understand someone's point of view.

Deficiency or numbness in the face, arm or leg Especially feeling a sudden numbness or weakness in one side of the body, arm or leg of the body.

Feeling difficult to see one or both eyes. You can suddenly look dark or black with one or both eyes or two of the one can look.

Trouble in walking Suddenly faltering while walking more.

Understand the meaning of 'fast'
If you are feeling a sign or stroke of stroke, then without losing time, relatives or loved ones should think about FAST and work again except you. The meaning of 'FAST' is ..

F - Face (face): Ask the person to smile. Is a part of his face hanging?

A - Arm: Ask the person to lift both arms. What a hand is going to fall. Is the person unable to raise his hands?

S - Speech: Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. Is there a stutter in his voice or he speaks in a weird way.

T-time (time): If you have any of these signs, then contact the hospital immediately where neurologist and Neuro surgeon are available.

  • Types of stroke

About 85 percent of strokes are ischemic strokes. The remaining 15 percent of stroke is due to brain haemorrhage. A major cause of brain hemorrhage is high blood pressure. Ischemic stroke occurs when the arteries of the brain become narrow or blocked, causing excessive deficiency in blood flow. It is called ischemia. Ischemic stroke involves thrombotic stroke. When a brain makes blood clot (thrombus) in one of the blood vessels that supply blood, then the thrombotic stroke occurs.

  • Embolotic stroke

In any one of the arteries supplying the blood to the brain, some other organ away from the brain, usually in your heart, form blood clots (thrombus), which flows with blood flow and makes the blood circulation of the brain narrower. This type of blood clot is called embolus.

  • Transient ischemic attack

TIA: Ischemic Attack (TIA) is also known as Mini stroke. In this there are similar symptoms for a short time, the kind of symptoms occur during stroke. If there is a shortage of blood supply for some time in the brain, conditions of TIA will arise, which last for less than five minutes. If a person has TIA, then this means that an arterial blood supply to the brain or heart is partly blocked or the artery is narrowed.

  • 1- facial bending

If the patient's face tilts one side or feels a numbness on one side of the face, call for help instantly. During this time, you should ask him to laugh, if he can not do it, take him to the hospital immediately.

  • 2- weakness in the arm

The patient of stroke will feel numbness or weakness in one or both arms. Ask the patient to raise your hand, your hand will fall down in the stroke.

  • 3- Trouble speaking

During stroke the patient speaks obscurely. Ask them general questions, generally they will not be able to answer the questions correctly. Repeat the questions to confirm the stroke.

  • 4- Losing balance

The patient of stroke has trouble balancing his body, it can be difficult to walk or lack of adjustment.

  • 5- Vigorous headache

If there is a severe headache in the head without any reason, it can usually be a sign of stroke due to hemorrhage (bleeding).

  • 6- going for a short time

The patient can go to meditation. It may be difficult to remember something for a short time.

  • 7 Blind eyes or not visible in front of eyes

Sudden blindness in front of eyes or problem of seeing again is also signs of brain stroke.

Home remedies for cold and cough !

Luk-warm water

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Regularly eat lukewarm water because it helps you fight against common cold, cough and neck throat. Hot water reduces inflammation in the throat and helps in the amount of lost fluids in the body and the infection from the body.

  • Homemade medicinal lozenge

Indian homes have had their own made medicines for the winter cough since ancient times. Not only does this treatment reduce irritability in your throat, but it also has a natural remedy to cure cough. You can easily build it. Cut ginger into a small quantity and take out its juice. Also, fry some of the black pepper corns and give it the form of powder.

Mix ginger juice, chilli powder, a little turmeric and a little honey and make a thick paste from it. Now give it a small circular shape so that it can hold the shape of the toffee. Put it in your mouth and keep sucking it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure two to three times a day to get relief.

Celery warming (Warm Ajwain / Carom Seeds compresses)
Celery is known for its antibacterial and antibacterial properties. Just make sure the cloth is not too hot, otherwise it can also water your skin. For good results follow this process for 2-3 days. The scent of hot celery from the bottle will also remove the cough present in your chest.

  • Green Tea

Use tea bag for 3-5 minutes and prepare some green tea. Mix honey and / or lemon juice to taste in it and take this healthy Ayurvedic tea. Take it 2-3 times a day.

Honey Pepper - Winter Conditions of Honey Pepper - Home Remedies for Winter Culinary
The use of black pepper in cough and cough is very beneficial. Honey acts as an antioxidant naturally and strengthens our immunity so that we are ready to face diseases. Grind 6 to 8 black pepper, make the powder, mix it with honey and take it early in the morning on an empty stomach or night. Do not drink water for half an hour in front of its intake.

Ayurvedic medicines of cough are greenish (Terminalia chebula / Haritaki / Harra uses for Cough and cold)
Greenish (Terminalia chebula / Haritaki) is a known name in Ayurveda, which is used especially for making triphala powder, apart from this, it is a miraculous medicine in itself, whose tree is found abundantly in the forests of India. The green fruits of greenish are also easily found in the market. For the treatment of cough, grind the dry fruit of greenica or harrea to make the powder and mix it with honey and consume it.

The effective mixture of milk and turmeric for cold and cough

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Milk and turmeric is one of the most effective treatments of cold and cough. For this, heat milk and mix turmeric powder in it. This cough also proves to be a panacea for cure. This mixture proves to be very beneficial not only for adults but also for children.

A mixture of honey, cinnamon and lemon for winter cough (The combination of honey cinnamon and lemon)

It is also an effective drug to cure cold cough. You can mix these three elements and make a syrup. This will make you easier to fight with common cold and cough. To make this syrup, first take a bowl and put a little honey in it. Keep the honey until it is full of half a spoon. After this, use a double boiler and try to dilute the honey. Add a little lemon and a pinch of cinnamon to it. Keep this syrup intact for your child and protect it against cold cough and cold fever.

  • Brandy and honey for treating the cold (honey and milk together)

You can also use honey and brandy to fight against common cold and cough. Your chest is hot with brandy and it also helps in increasing the body heat. Along with this, honey has the natural properties of fight against phlegm. So when it blends with brandy, its effect is very good. With the help of this mixture you can easily deal with cold and cold fever.

  • Amla can be extremely beneficial for treatment of cough

Amla is called an immunomodulator and it prevents you from being infected with many diseases. Amla has a considerable amount of vitamin C and this is why it is good for your health. When you take Amla regularly, your liver works well and your blood circulation is also good enough. Amla strengthens your immune system and this is the reason why you should consume it everyday. It is a very effective way of fighting common cold and cold.

  • A mixture of honey, hot water and lemon juice for cold cough

A mixture of honey, lemon juice and hot water is a great way to remove the problem of common cold and cough. You can also consume lemonade by repairing your hajamas. It also proves effective for blood circulation of the body. When you mix honey and lemonade together, then the water should be warm at this time. It gives a lot of comfort during the winter and cough. These are substances that are capable of diagnosing your problem.

  • Flax seeds for fighting cold and cough for cold cough

Due to the use of jute seeds, you can also diagnose the problem of cough for your cold cough. For this, boil the seeds of jute first and filter it once the mixture becomes thick. Now mix honey and lemon juice in it. You can use this mixture to remove colds and coughs. You can add more elements to this mixture and you will get all these things in the kitchen itself.

Ginger for cough medicines (Ginger is the best health preserver from Khansi ka gharelu ilaj)
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Apart from mixing ginger with other substances, you can also adopt an easy process. Make some pieces of ginger for this and mix them well with salt. Whenever you feel sore in your throat, begin grafting ginger. Sage treatment of ginger, cold and throat swelling is proven.

  • Basil, ginger and black tea (The tea of ​​tulsi ginger and black pepper)

Being a victim of cold winter, you can also prepare spicy tea for yourself. To make this tea, add basil, ginger and black pepper. These elements are so effective that you will only be able to get relief from the intake of these ingredients. If you mix these elements with tea, you get rid of the problem of cold and cough, and in this way you get relief.

  • Cough medicines Ginger, basil and honey (The magic of ginger tulsi and honey)

The mixture of ginger and basil is helpful in fighting against cold and cold. First, grate the leaves of basil and mix ginger juice in it. To improve this mixture one can also mix honey in it. This mixture works very well to get rid of cough. Ginger juice and basil partake are good for health and this is the reason why you can be healthy with their consumption.

  • The home remedy for cough is from the sauce of garlic is good for health.

Garlic also proves to be very beneficial for you when dealing with cold and cough. For this, take the garlic lightly. After that, heat them in ghee. Although their taste will certainly be bitter and most of the time it does not taste good. But these pieces of garlic are good for health, especially when you are suffering from cold and cough. So eat them and stay healthy.

The home remedies of winter colds from jaggery (Jaggery se sardi jukam ke gharelu nuskhe in hindi)
It would be interesting to know that Junk helps you to overcome the problem of cold and cough. However, to make this mixture, you have to boil the water and mix it with black pepper, cumin and jaggery. This mixture is best for removing frozen cough in the chest. It is also a good treatment for colds and cough. So when you find out that your child is constantly disturbed by the running nose, you can use this mixture to keep it away from the problem of cold and cough.

Home remedies for bronchitis

  • Carrot is a common cold and cough fighter

Most people do not know this, but it is true that carrot juice is fully capable of removing the problems of cold and cough. It may seem a little awkward, but this juice is very beneficial for health. Even more people do not know that coughing is removed from carrot juice. Although the natural properties of this juice help you to be healthy and at the same time increase your immune system.

  • Cold Cough Remedies From Herbal Tea (The herbal tea is a remedy)

If you want to stay away from cold and cough, take herbal tea. These are herbs of special herbal trees and they have all the qualities of fighting against cold and cough. These leaves have many medicinal properties and they give you freedom from cold and cough. This is the reason that once you know that you are suffering from severe cold cough, you must take this tea intake.

You can overcome this problem by making this tea in many ways. First, put basil leaves in this tea. Once the tea is boiled with basil leaves, add some drops of lemon juice to it and drink it to maintain the health. You can also consume it by mixing cinnamon, garlic cloves, black pepper and freshly chopped ginger in this tea. Boil this mixture in low flame, as well as cover it. This will maintain the nutrition of these substances. While drinking tea you can also mix honey or milk in it.

  • The goodness of homemade lozenges

You can make medicinal lounges at home only. They are quite effective and keep you from the problem of cold and cough. They are less irritated and the throat also gets much comfort. Collect black pepper, ginger, cardamom, honey etc. to make it. Mix all of these well and prepare a thick paste. Now let it cool and tighten, give it a shape and then use it in the shape of its lounge. Now put them in the mouth and keep it till the juice is not gone in the throat and you will not get relief.

  • Cold cold cold treatment from mustard oil (Cold and cough and milk)

Mustard oil is a very common thing that is found in our kitchen. But do you know how useful is this mustard oil in winter cold? If you have had cold or cold cold, and you are avoiding taking medicines for it, then you must take this simple solution. Mustard oil is accelerating and circulating blood circulation. Before sleeping at night, rinse lukewarm mustard oil well in the soles of your palms and feet. Do this by doing so until the oil gets completely dry in the skin. By doing this the cold cold improves quickly and there is relief in the closed nose.

Sinus home remedies, tips and tips

  • Wet socks can cure cold and cough

It is true that if you wear wet socks and sleep, then your blood circulates in your feet and you are healthy and warm, which results in the removal of your cold and cough. It is a great way to increase blood circulation and after you wake up in the morning you feel completely healthy. Take dry wool socks for this, immerse them in warm water and wear it immediately. After that go to sleep after wearing it. This will give you plenty of comfort and your nose will not stop again and again.

  • Mustard foot bath can be a remedy

To get rid of cold and cough, you can also experience the mustard bath for your feet. Take a bowl of water for this and add a spoonful of mustard powder. It is very important to be mixed in one liter of hot water. Mustard is helpful in the circulation of blood in the foot and also gets rid of the problem of nasal clogging.

  • Cold cold and steam breathing

If you are suffering from a cold cough problem, then the nose is also closed under it. So keep steaming this time. For this, take hot boiling water in a large vessel and cover your head with a large towel. Now keep steaming slowly. By following this procedure your nose will be completely opened and you will not have any problem breathing. It will also give you less chances of having a cold and cough problem.

  • Home remedies for ear infections and ear infections

Domestic / domestic treatment of cold winter.

Eat turmeric, ginger powder and 1 tablespoon honey together. Along with treatment of cough, the body relieves pain and headache.

Sniffing of hot water also helps in treating colds.

By adding 1 pinch of salt in hot water, the neck pain reduces.

Keep drinking hot tea, coffee or lukewarm water throughout the day.

When making tea, put basil leaves, ginger and black pepper in it. This tea provides relief from colds and cough.

Those people who are always cold in winter, they need to eat mewer from Chyavanprash or Aval.

They contain a high amount of vitamin C, which gives strength to combat cold and cough.

Insomnia symptoms, causes and treatment ...!

Good sleep is also very important for good health. It is said "If you can not sleep, you can not heal", that is, if you do not sleep, you will not be right. Sleep is the best way to relax for the body. Come on, get your sleep closer.

  • Why is Sleep (Importance of Sleep)

Sufficient sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. Human body needs as much sleep as much as eating it. Taking adequate sleep does not even affect our performance.
The need for periods of body sleep changes in every age. If the newborn sleeps for 18 hours, then adults need an average of eight hours of sleep.

The direct impact of the lack of adequate sleep occurs on our body's metabolic process and can lead to diseases such as diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure.

The problem of insomnia (About Insomnia or sleeplessness in Hindi)
According to medical science, three times a week, sleep is not considered as sleeping, which is considered as an anestra. Insomnia is one of the common health problems around the world, which can occur in men and women of any age. These days people are suffering from various types of insomnia.

  • Short term insomnia

Short-term or acute insomnia is a common type of insomnia, it occurs for a few days and is caused by minor changes in some drugs or lifestyle.

  • Chronic Insomnia 

If the problem of insomnia remains for a long time then it can affect your life. If a person fails to sleep properly for more than 30 days, then it means that he is suffering from chronic insomnia.

According to a research, people who sleep less or often sleep late, their views are quite negative compared to other people and they are surrounded by anxieties. Jakob Notta of Binghamton University of America believes that, 'The person who is troubled by negative thoughts and does not sleep at the right time, he will not sleep deeply'.

The main reason for insomnia is tension and stress. But there may be other causes of insomnia which can be both physical or mental or both. Let's know some specific reasons for insomnia.

Physical causes of insomnia 

The bedroom is very noisy or too cold or too hot
Bed is small or not comfortable
There is no regular routine of your sleep
Your partner's time or way of sleeping is different from you
You do not have enough fatigue or you do not do enough work
You eat in a lot of time
You go to sleep only after hungry stomach
Pre-gold tea, plenty of coffee (containing chemicals called caffeine), cigarettes or alcohol
You have a disease, pain or a fever
 The causes of insomnia (Reason of Insomnia in Hindi)

You are having emotional problems
You have employment related problems
You are confused and anxious
You think about the same problem over and over again

  • General treatment

To get rid of the problem of sleeping, people often take sleeping pills, which are not considered to be the right thing. One of the main causes of sleep disorder can also be stress. Here are some tips for getting good sleep:

  • Remedies and Treatment of Insomnia

Physical exertion tires the body and enhances the need for rest. So regular sports or walking is beneficial for us, it keeps the body tight and sleep well due to fatigue.

Bed and bedroom are comfortable, not too cold or hot. Keep in mind that the mattress is suitable for you.

Slow music before sleep also relaxes the body and helps sleep.

Keep a small pillow under the head while sleeping. Place a pillow under your knees and the other between your knee and thigh. This will lead to lower body weight and you will be able to sleep comfortably.

Lighten the room light an hour before bedtime.

Think good and positive things while sleeping.

Drink milk before sleeping in the night, which will bring good sleep. Limit the amount of tea-coffee and do not consume more than two-three times a day.

Put a habit of sleeping and waking up on time.

  • Make good friends. Stay away from loneliness.

If something is bothering you and you are not thinking about it correctly, then write down your problem on the paper before sleeping and tell yourself that tomorrow you will deal with this problem.
If you do not sleep, then get up and do something that makes you feel light, like reading, watching TV or listening to music and when you feel tired, then go to sleep again.

If gold becomes a necessary work for you, then there is some disturbance. Anita is complaining about the common working Indians. Insomnia is not a disease but a sleepy problem arising from poor lifestyle. If insomnia is long lasting then it can take the form of a serious illness.

Doctors say that for a better health and life an ordinary person must sleep for 7 to 8 hours. But in the race of servant-trade, in a busy routine and forward rush we forget sleep only. Later, when sleep seems very bad, we start taking sleeping pills. But it is better to take sleeping pills than to do some easy home remedies that can relieve the body fatigue and get better sleep.

Home remedies for insomniac

  • Eat green vegetables more in green greens and vegetables

Green greens and vegetables are also needed for the body not only for sleep. Especially when the leaves of the greens that are large and have lucidity, it helps a lot in sleeping. Eat porro and spinach greens regularly, it will get better sleep.

  • Magnesium and calcium

Both magnesium and calcium are said to be a sleep-enhancing chemical. When it is taken together, it is more effective. Eating magnesium also decreases the risk of heart disease. Eat 200 mg of magnesium (do not take excessive amount of diarrhea) and 600 mg of calcium in the night, better sleep.

  • Wild salad or wild lettuce

If you are complaining about the pain of stress, headaches, muscles and joints, then you will know the wild salad leaf. It is also very effective in body fatigue, depression and insomnia. Before sleeping, apply 30 to 120 milligrams in the feet, fatigue will disappear, and sleep will rest.

  • Hops

It is a type of wild plant whose fruit is used to make beer. Nirida, Tension and Depression patients are added to its fruit juice so that they can rest sleep.

  • Aromatherapy

The aroma is closely related to the brain. Many people sleep under the pillow of jasmine under their pillows on their beds. Many people keep the plants of Rajnigandha or similar aromatic flowers in their balcony so that their aroma can get better sleep in the night. Lavender flowers are also very effective for the patients of Nida. By keeping its flower under the pillow, the aroma spreads to the entire room and sleep is better.

  • Yoga and meditation

Take yoga and meditation in regular practice. There are no hard seats to do in Yoga, but the ordinary posture that brings peace to the mind. Before going to bed, meditate first 5 to 10 minutes. Do not distract you during meditation and concentrate on your breath only. Better sleep will come in the night.

  • L-theanine

In green tea, an amino acids called L -thianin are found. Drinking it in the day gives you freshness and freshness. Drinking in your mind and at night, sleep deeply.

Dangerous for Heart Patients, Know What are Dangers !

In recent years, heart disease has increased rapidly in India. The main cause of this is people's unhealthy eating habits and irregular lifestyles. Heart diseases include heart attack, heart failure, stroke etc. Due to some diseases, there may be many heart problems. Stress and depression in heart disease is dangerous. Due to depression i.e.

heart disease can take serious form and can also be deadly. According to a research, one in five out of the heart has serious problem of depression. According to the American Heart Association, negative emotions in the form of anger, irritation and hostility increase blood pressure. People with depression are four times more likely to have a heart attack.

  • Risk of Heart Attack

Depression and heart diseases are linked to each other very much. Many times the depression is caused by heart diseases. Therefore, rescue from Depression is necessary. In recent times, depression has been found in patients with heart attack. Most people have a heart attack when they are in deep depression. Apart from this there are some other habits which are very dangerous for heart diseases.

  • Less physical effort

The more important the food is for our body, the more important it is to use the energy that is consumed by this food. For healthy heart, enough physical activity is needed to burn 500 to 950 calories a day. If you are physically less active then this increases the risk of heart attack. So exercise regularly, use the ladder instead of the elevator and play out door games.

  • Control the weight

If you have to keep away from heart diseases, you have to keep obesity away from yourself. Obesity is not a habit, it is a result of wrong diet and irregular lifestyle. According to the American Heart Association, obesity leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and insulin resistance. This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Consumption of Junk and Fast Foods

Low cholesterol diet is the best friend of the heart. A diet rich in refined sugars and trans fat increases heart problems. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of heart disease. Fast food intake also increases the risk of heart disease.

  • Cigarette smoking

According to the American Heart Association, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause high blood pressure and heart failure. Alcohol consumption is harmful to the heart. The habit of smoking can be the cause of many health related diseases as well as heart disease. Smoking increases the risk of heart attack. This is the worst habit to harm your heart.

  • Do not smoke

Smoking is extremely harmful to your heart. This increases the risk of getting MI twice. If you have a cigarette addiction, then get rid of it as soon as possible. It is also difficult for you to get an idea of ​​the extent to which tobacco is fatal for your heart's health. It also has negative effects on the movement of oxygen in your body. It also increases cholesterol in your arteries.

  • Keep calm and stay healthy

The diagnosis and treatment of MI puts mental and physical pressure on you. In this situation, you need to be calm and restrained. You can lead a normal life by bringing some necessary changes in your lifestyle.

  • Salt low, healthy

Sodium reduces the ability of water retention in the body, due to which blood pressure rises. So, consuming sodium in excessive amounts is also not good for your health. Salt is the biggest source of sodium. That is, you should avoid eating such a meal, which is high in salt.

  • Keep on weight

If you are overweight then you are increasing your problems. Not only this, the possibility of re-facing MI's problem in your future also increases. So, if you are overweight or you are obese, then you have to get rid of it. The right diet and exercise can help you a lot in this.

Yoga for the eyes: naturally increase the eyeball !

There are many yoga postures available for each organ especially to improve the functioning of body parts.

Different exercises are available in yoga to improve the functioning of the eyes, this asana is helpful in fixing many problems related to the eyes, such as-

  • Myopia or myopia

In today's time, approximately 35% of the population is suffering from different phases of near-vision or far-sightedness.

Eye disorders are corrected with the help of glasses and powerful lenses, which correct refractive errors of the eyes. While we should understand that with the help of glasses, we can never cure the error of the eyes. The truth is that the powerful lens increases our eye problem further. Therefore, the use of glasses should be done only when it is extremely necessary.

In addition to many ailments, some diseases such as cataracts and hypothalamus (glaucoma) are caused by the infection of bacteria. In addition, various diseases occur due to malnutrition in the eyes of the eyes, their main cause can be chronic mental and emotional stress. Yoga postures remove various disorders such as near vision and distant vision related to eye muscles.

By practicing regular yoga exercises for a few months, the function of the eyes becomes maximum normal.

  • Note: It is suggested that before you start the Yoga posture of eyes, sprinkle cold water on the eyes several times.

  • Exercise of Medical Yoga Techniques

to clap
Blinking the eyelids
Focusing both eyes from one end to the other side
Focusing on both eyes before moving forward
Seeing the eyes rotate
Rotating both eyes upwards and downwards
Observing the front part of the nostrils

  • Clapping | palming

Close your eyes and sit quietly and take some deep breaths and completely relax yourself.
Rubbing your palms so fast that they become hot and then keep them comfortable over the lids.
The warmth of the palms is reaching in your eyes and the comfort of the muscles of the eyes is felt. Your eyes are being bathed in soothing darkness.

As long as the warmth of the hands is not fully absorbed by the eyes, then you remain in this state.
Keep eyes closed and keep your hands down.

Rinse hands again and repeat this process at least three times.

  • Blinking eyelids

Keep your eyes open and sit comfortably.

Blow your eyes ten times at a rapid pace.

Rest your eyes closed by 20 seconds. Slowly take your attention to breath.

Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Looking side by side | Sideways viewing
Sit down keeping your feet in the right side of the body.

Take your hands off the fists and keeping thumbs up. Carefully observe the point at the parallel height of your eyes.

Keep your head fixed in this situation and move your vision according to the following instructions.

In the middle of the eyebrows
To the left thumb side
Again in the middle of the eyebrows
Right to the thumb
Again in the middle of the eyebrows
To the left thumb side
 Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times.

 After finishing this exercise, close your eyes and relax.

When performing the above exercises, pay attention to the following rhythm of breath:

Inhale breaths in a neutral state.

Leave the breath while looking at the edge.

Repeat the breath inward to the middle stage.

  • Front and sideways viewing

Sit down keeping your feet in the right side of the body.

Bind the hand with the left hand but the thumb is going upwards and keep it on the left knee.

Carefully observe the point at the parallel height of your eyes.

Keep your head steady in this situation.

Keep your vision centered on the left thumb and release the breath.

Breathe while focusing on the point at the parallel height of your eyes.

Repeat this process with the right thumb.

Now close your eyes and relax.

  • Rotational viewing

Sit down keeping your feet in the right side of the body.

Bind the fist by the right hand, but the thumb is going upwards and keep it on the right knee. Keep the elbows straight.

Keep your head fixed and focus your vision on the thumb.

While keeping the elbows straight, make a circular shape with your thumb and move your vision in with the thumb.

Repeat this exercise 5 times clockwise (in the direction of clockwise needle) and 5 times counterclockwise (opposite direction of clockwise needle).

Repeat this exercise with left thumb.

Now close your eyes and relax.

When performing the above exercises, pay attention to the following rhythm of breath:

Breathe while completing the upper crescent while rotating the spherical vision.

Breathe while completing the lower crescent.

  • Looking up and downwards | Up and down viewing

Sit down keeping your feet in the right side of the body.

Place the fists of both hands (with thumbs leading upwards) on their knees.

Keep your right thumb slowly and keeping your hands straight, and keep your vision centered at this speed.

When the thumb is reached at its highest height, slowly bringing it down to its original state. In this entire process, keeping your head fixed, keep your eyes focused continuously on the thumb.

Repeat the process with the left thumb.

Practice this asana 5 times with both thumbs.

Keep your head and spinal cord straight throughout the posture.

Now close your eyes and relax.

 When performing the above exercises, pay attention to the following rhythm of breath:

Breathe the eyes up and lift.

Breathing down the eyes and lowering the eyes.

  • Viewing the front part of the nostrils | Preliminary nose tip gazing

Put the feet on top of each other.

Raise your right hand straight from the front of the nostril.

Tie the fist with your right hand and place the thumb upwards.

Keep the eyesight of both eyes focused on the front part of the thumb.

Now fold your hands and slowly bring the thumb to the front of the nostrils. Keep your vision focused on the front part of the thumb while this process is complete.

In this situation, when your thumb is on the front part of the nostrils and the vision is centered, stay tuned for some time.

Slowly straighten your hand and focus the vision only on the front part of the thumb.

This is a full circle of asana.

Similarly, complete 5 chakras.

When performing the above exercises, pay attention to the following rhythm of breath:

Breathe the thumb towards the front of the nostrils.

Keep the thumb on the front part of the nostrils and keep it in check.

Straighten the hand and release the breath.

  • Near and distant viewing

Sit or stand by an open window from where the horizon is clearly visible. Keep your hands towards the side.
Keep your vision focused on the front part of the nostril for 5 to 10 seconds.
Now focus on the far horizon for some time.
Repeat this process 10 to 20 times.
Now close your eyes and relax.
When performing the above exercises, pay attention to the following rhythm of breath:
Take a breath while watching.
Quit out while looking away.
After completing all the overhead exercises, lie down in respiration and rest for some time. Take a general breath and do not oppose any thoughts or feelings.

In today's time, approximately 35% of the population is suffering from different phases of near vision or far sightedness. Eye disorders are corrected with the help of glasses and powerful lenses, which correct refractive errors of the eyes. While we should understand that with the help of glasses, we can never cure the error of the eyes. The truth is that the powerful lens increases our eye problem further. Therefore, the use of glasses should be done only when it is extremely necessary.

In addition to many ailments, some diseases such as cataracts and hypothalamus (glaucoma) are caused by the infection of bacteria. In addition, various diseases occur due to malnutrition in the eyes of the eyes, their main cause can be chronic mental and emotional stress. Yoga postures remove various disorders such as near vision and distant vision related to eye muscles.

By practicing regular yoga exercises for a few months, the function of the eyes becomes maximum normal.

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